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  1. NEWS / 企業新聞
    HEEE helps Huaxin to build a demonstration project for resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure in Ying County
    Source:       Release Date:2022-09-27
    With the gradual expansion of the scale of livestock and poultry breeding, how to efficiently deal with breeding manure has become a common concern in the industry. Ying County in Shanxi Province is a major agricultural breeding county and a pilot county of the national “county promotion” for resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure. In recent years, Ying County has regarded the rural biogas livelihood project as an overall, strategic and long-term systematic project to develop modern agriculture, promote the construction of new rural areas, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the rural environment, and improve the living standards of farmers. Large-scale construction efforts, while solving the pollution of breeding, combined with its own characteristics, will turn waste and poultry manure into treasure.

    Project Overview

    Shanxi Huaxin Biomass Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huaxin Gas Group Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise under Shanxi Province, which specializes in the promotion and application of biomass energy technology. Ying County Livestock and Poultry Manure Treatment and Resource Utilization Project (hereinafter referred to as Ying County Project) is a joint investment of Shanxi Huaxin Biomass Energy Development Co., Ltd., Weili Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Bizhou Environmental Protection Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for the first direct supply project of biological natural gas in Shanxi Province under the EPC general contract. The project is located in Ying County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province. The project relies on the cow dung resources of 26,000 dairy cows from Yingxian Youran Tianhe Animal Husbandry, and adopts the process of "raw material pretreatment + mesophilic anaerobic fermentation + comprehensive utilization of three marshes" to process cattle annually. 201,000 tons of manure, 10,841,000 cubic meters of biogas, 4,597,000 cubic meters of purified biogas, 60,000 tons of biogas residue, and 85,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

    Core technology and equipment
    Raw material pretreatment unit
    The manure from the cow farm is transported to the septic tank in the plant area by dump truck, and mixed with the returning biogas slurry. Considering that the cow manure contains a lot of gravel, two-stage sand removal is set up in the pretreatment unit. Homogenization tank, and then the material is pumped to the anaerobic tank for anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas.
    In the pretreatment stage, removing a large amount of sand and debris in the cow dung can effectively avoid the impact on the subsequent anaerobic fermentation equipment and pipelines, ensure the normal and stable operation of the system, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

    Sand removal device

    Homogenization tank

    Mesophilic anaerobic fermentation unit
    The project has 4 anaerobic fermentation tanks (effective monomer volume 6,000m3), using two sets of two-stage CSTR mesophilic anaerobic fermentation processes, the fermentation process is efficient and stable, and the biogas production efficiency is high, with a daily biogas production of 29,000m3/d, The anaerobic process can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria, which is beneficial to the subsequent production of organic litter from biogas residues.
    A high-efficiency and energy-saving mixer is installed on the top of the anaerobic fermentation tank, which can realize the full mixing of the materials in the tank and ensure the mass transfer and heat transfer efficiency in the tank. The unit capacity of the anaerobic tank mixer is less than 4W/m3, which saves energy by more than 50% compared with the traditional mixing method.
    Anaerobic tank (6,000m3x4 seats)
     Sanmarsh comprehensive utilization unit
    The biogas, biogas slurry and biogas residue produced by pretreatment and anaerobic fermentation will turn cow dung into treasure. After the biogas is desulfurized and purified, the biogas produced is incorporated into the gas pipeline network and directly used in the ceramic industry cluster in Ying County; the biogas slurry is used for saline-alkali land improvement and farmland irrigation; the biogas residue is made into solid organic fertilizer for the construction of high-standard farmland. Used in pastures as organic bedding. The comprehensive utilization of three marshes has further improved the resource utilization rate of livestock and poultry waste, and has achieved positive results in promoting the harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure throughout the county.

    Double Membrane Dry Gas Storage Cabinet

    Biogas slurry return to field

    Project meaning

    The Yingxian project has applied the current domestic leading medium-temperature anaerobic fermentation technology to realize the harmless treatment and recycling of manure. In June 2022, the successful implementation of the Ying County project played an important supporting role in accelerating the utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources, and also provided strong support for the upgrading and low-carbon transformation of local industrial fuels, which played a very good role. Demonstration of the leading role.
    In the implementation of the "Double Carbon" action, Hangneng Environment joined hands with Huaxin Company to use the "Yingxian Project" as a model, and made every effort to build the project into a demonstration project of the bioenergy and environmental protection industry in Shanxi Province, and is committed to the realization of biomass energy and ceramic industry, The coupled development of ecological agriculture will improve the utilization level of local livestock and poultry manure resources.
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