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  1. NEWS / 企業新聞
    HEEE deeply applies BIM technology to improve the quality and efficiency of biogas projects
    Source:       Release Date:2022-08-08

        Recently, the winners of the 2022 Smart Building "Smart BIM" competition jointly sponsored by the Guangdong Urban Architecture Society (GUAS), the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Chartered Institute of Construction (CIOB) have been announced. After the preliminary review, final review and defense, HEEE's entry "BIM Forward Design Project for Biogas Treatment of New Wantou Ranch in Xiping, Henan" won the first prize in the design group. The 2022 Smart Building "Smart BIM" competition has received a total of 887 entries from international, mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan entries, covering various types of buildings and BIM applications at all stages.

    01 Development Background

        HEEE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Welle Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Welly Group"). Welle Group will start further digital transformation in 2020, set up a BIM 3D design team, and create a BIM ecological chain. HEEE actively participates in the digital transformation and development of Welle Group, uses the BIM technology collaboration platform to carry out BIM positive design for the project, and is system-oriented, applying BIM technology to the whole process of biogas and biogas projects from design, construction to operation. , to further realize the extension and upgrade of two-dimensional drawings to three-dimensional solutions.

    02 Overview of the participating projects

        The new Wantou Ranch Biogas Project in Xiping, Henan uses wastes such as cow dung and urine produced by 24,000 dairy cows daily as raw materials. It processes 2,762 tons of cow dung and produces 37,329 cubic meters of biogas per day. It emits about 124,990 tons of CO2 equivalent per year and can produce 26.9 million kWh of green electricity per year.

        By optimizing the equipment design scheme, displaying the 3D cloud scheme, applying the Hangneng BIM pricing system, and using BIM technology to carry out the project planning, design and construction stages from scheme comparison, cost calculation, drawing design, construction process guidance, etc. The integration has realized the application of BIM technology and digital technology to manage the whole process of the project. At the same time, for this project, HEEE pioneered the method of BIM equipment scheme design + equipment 3D detailed design + finite element reliability data verification to ensure the refined processing of equipment and equipment and the safety and reliability of the structure.

    03 Advantages of BIM technology application

        In the process of project implementation, Hangneng Environment gave full play to the value and advantages of BIM technology in information integration and data sharing, and realized the full life cycle information management of biogas and biological natural gas projects based on BIM technology.

    design phase
        Using BIM technology for construction drawing design, through the model construction and model deepening design process, the design scheme can be more intuitively reflected, to achieve the goal of optimizing the design scheme, reducing the construction rework rate and improving the construction efficiency of the project.
    construction stage
        Use the BIM technology collaboration platform to conduct construction simulation, dynamically display the construction plan of complex nodes, link with the construction schedule, compare the actual construction nodes on the project site with the simulated nodes, and better control the project implementation cycle.
    Operation and maintenance stage
        The BIM technology is used to realize the search, positioning and information query of the equipment, and it is integrated into the project operation management platform to realize the monitoring and management of the equipment usage.

        On the road of digital transformation, HEEE will continue to closely follow the strategic layout of Welle Group, improve the level of BIM technology and digital technology, and bring more reasonable and intelligent overall solutions to customers, using BIM technology and digital technology to help The organic waste recycling project and the biogas and biological natural gas project realize visual design and refined management, and further improve the implementation efficiency and refined management level of the construction of the organic waste recycling project.

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